Greetings from Latifa

Hey everyone. I’m Latifa. I am a visual/multimedia artist. That means to me that I make visual things like drawings, collages, sculptures, and installations, and also use technology especially sound, and these things might all be combined together into one project. I know, it’s not easy to imagine.
Let me give you an example of a sound project I completed in 2010 :

I am particularly interested in how sound alters the understanding of space. By altering the mood and atmosphere one can ultimately change how images are perceived. Think of it like a movie without sound. A suspenseful scene isn’t really very suspenseful without the music accompanying it is it? Try it at home.

Otherwise, I grew up in Calgary, AB. I studied Botany (plant science) at the University of Calgary and have a B.Sc. I love travelling and would say I am addicted to it. The latest trip was 7.5 months on an island in the Mediterranean called Corsica, for those who don’t know, it is part of France.

Anyhow, I am really enjoying getting to know Jen. Today was great we went to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. I was particularly interested in that the fact that the Native people referred to Turtle Mountain as “the mountain that moves” and thought it was dangerous. Ultimately, a big piece of the mountain did slide away, killing around 90 people.
I think that helped lead us to the word of the day :


Another cool thing was that the Gushul Studio was on the Crowsnest Pass Board Game (it made me feel important) :


About latifapa

I like to eat and walk.
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