Re: Lundbreck Falls

haha, it is funny to watch myself running back and forth.
Yeah, it was a really beautiful day. The weather was amazing. Do you not agree that September is the new August?
It was great to have my family up. They are so funny and curious. I don’t know how I forget that when I am away.
Anyhow, I should also be working, but have just finished reading V for Vendetta. It was quite enjoyable. But I guess I’ll be staying up late to finish my ‘homework’ for tomorrow. I had forgotten what it was like to feel this way.
I will also add an exciting image of Jen looking at a Stereoscopic image.

Jen looking at a stereoscopic image.


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I like to eat and walk.
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One Response to Re: Lundbreck Falls

  1. jenniferakkermans says:

    Revenge…. ! I don’t usually look at my computer quite that closely….!

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