Stereoscopic vs. Anaglyphic


This is an example of a sample I have been working on, which we will get printed to see how it works (hopefully).

So, if you’ve been “perceptive,” you may have noticed that Latifa and I are working with a theme of “Perception.”  We’ve been doing a lot of research on Stereoscopic and Anaglyphic images.

For example, stereoscopic images are when each eye is presented with a slightly different image, and the brain puts the two together, tricking you into thinking you are actually seeing 3D.  I’m sure you’re familiar with these- We remember the Magic Eye posters on the walls of elementary school classrooms.

I wonder, is this Charlie?

Here’s a couple of links to see what I mean.

How to Make Drawings or Photographs in Stereoscopic Pairs

Let’s Build a Steroscope

Anaglyphic images are images where two differently colored images are superimposed on top of each other.  This is an example of one I made yesterday…. You will need 3D glasses to view these properly…

Wikipedia: Anaglyph Images

Anaglyphs: Flickr Gallery

Making Anaglyph Images

Here’s another 3D image that I made…. If you look at it cross eyed, you’ll see that the Z’s are in the foreground, and the X’s are in the background.  This has to do with the spacing between things.

We’ve also discovered a generator…!

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One Response to Stereoscopic vs. Anaglyphic

  1. latifapa says:

    Hey, I just wanted to make a little correction. There are two kinds of stereograms, the one’s with two separate images and SIS – Single Image Stereograms or SIRDS – Single Image Random Dot Stereograms, the latter is the kind Jen made with the letters above.
    It is important to note because with the first kind you go cross-eyed, the second is seen via parallel vision.
    So don’t try and go cross-eyed to see Jen’s image, rather “look past” the image to reveal the hidden depth.
    If you need help try this practise page :

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