An Interesting Outing….

Today Latifa and I went for a bit of an adventure.  We decided to check out some old buildings we saw just off the highway here in Blairmore.

We probably shouldn’t have been there, but we were really careful and didn’t do any damage.

There was lots of mysterious old machinery and this oven.

Broken windows let in fresh air in the dark rooms.


As you can see here, the door is half gone.

Such strange spaces… I have no idea what anything would have been used for.

And this warehouse full of what looks like ground samples…

…. Labeled and stacked in boxes.

And the other buildings were just as mysterious.

After a while, we had to leave because we both felt queasy… possibly a combination of the creepiness of the place, and the smells…. definitely an interesting outing, though. Adds to the spookiness of the Pass… Latifa thinks her house is haunted, and has been a little skittish since we’ve been here.  And having dreams of Charlie, the horse who lived in the coal mine for 30 days. Poor girl.

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