CREEPY update!

ok, so I was going through my photos . . .
Well yesterday in the place of no return, my camera stopped taking pictures, it said the memory card was full. Which has never happened to me before. Luckily Jen had a spare and I continued to take pictures.
Today I realized that the memory card was only half full! And it’s not a formatting thing, I tried to take pictures again and it totally works!
Creepy or not?

I am beginning to wonder how much of our feeling creepy around there was related to the intense energy in the place. What kind of slumbering spirits were awakened by the deep mining?  questions to perhaps be answered in our creative output. . .


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I like to eat and walk.
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One Response to CREEPY update!

  1. jenniferakkermans says:

    Um, creepy. Yes.

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