Title Time

So I guess I was one of the people who hated the Tree of Life. I really didn’t like that movie.
But we had pie in pincher creek.

Now we are trying to think of title. I have randomly generated this titles via a title generator mad lib style. Jen thinks we should have vote.
What would you vote for?

Title One: mesmerizing Sounds In white rocks
Title Two: The white image
Title Three: The light In mesmerizing Sounds
Title Four: mesmerizing image
Title Five: The rotating light
Title Six: changing rocks
Title Seven: rotating Sounds
Title Eight: white changing
Title Nine: changing for rocks
Title Ten: rotating and changing


About latifapa

I like to eat and walk.
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One Response to Title Time

  1. jenniferakkermans says:

    Geez Louise, Latifa! These are the real selections:
    Incoherent Image in 3 Stages
    A hotdog over ephemeral footsteps
    Ephemeral footsteps over mesmerizing dogs
    A moving hotdog
    Moving footsteps
    Moving and mesmerizing
    Mesmerizing hotdog footsteps
    Ephemeral friend
    Ephemeral footseps
    Fleeting Footsteps

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