Latifa’s Last Post

Well, I’m back at home. What an experience the Gushul has been. I am so thankful to Trap\Door for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you Mike as well for everything you’ve done. I feel a lot more confident about myself both as an artist and as a person. I have met a great friend (Jen). I have learned so much.
In Lethbridge I really enjoyed the SAAG (Southern Alberta Art Gallery). I would recommend looking at the video work of Amie Siegel. I really feel she is dealing with relevant contemporary issues.
At the moment many new opportunities are opening up for me as I enter the work force and concentrate on different aspects of my life.
On the art end, I am starting a new project using interviews I have collected and will continue to collect. I have a number of ideas for exciting new projects (top secret for the moment).

To conclude the blog on my end, I will let the following videos and photos speak for me :

My sister and I on top of the Livingston Range.

The completed drawing: Charlie and the Lost Lemon

Detail 1

Detail 2

Jen when climbing Wedge Mountain

Me on the TOP!

The view





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I like to eat and walk.
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