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Ephemeral Home (The Last Post)

This is a partial video of the work we showed for the Open House in Blairmore, and at the Blueprint Gallery in Lethbridge.  It is a house we constructed out of scrap lumber, covered with white cotton, and projected images onto. … Continue reading

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Open Houses!

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An Interesting Outing….

Today Latifa and I went for a bit of an adventure.  We decided to check out some old buildings we saw just off the highway here in Blairmore. We probably shouldn’t have been there, but we were really careful and … Continue reading

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Big Shoes

I’m realizing there’s big shoes to fill, in participating in the Gushul Residency.  And also an interesting tie to some of my role models/some other fibre artists. Today we went out for coffee/lunch with Kristin Ivey, who did the Residency in … Continue reading

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