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Ephemeral Home (The Last Post)

This is a partial video of the work we showed for the Open House in Blairmore, and at the Blueprint Gallery in Lethbridge.  It is a house we constructed out of scrap lumber, covered with white cotton, and projected images onto. … Continue reading

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The artist at work.

I felt a bit creepy last night, filming Latifa as she worked.  Here’s the video!

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White House. Er, I mean….

So I think we’ve decided on “Ephemeral Home” as our title. Latifa says, “It’s our ephemeral home, but it’s our ephemeral home. It speaks literally and figuratively.” We used a title generator to get things rolling, as we we feeling … Continue reading

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Title Time

So I guess I was one of the people who hated the Tree of Life. I really didn’t like that movie. But we had pie in pincher creek. Now we are trying to think of title. I have randomly generated … Continue reading

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A few days left….

Our Open House yesterday went really well.  We didn’t have a humungous turn out, but we didn’t expect one.  We had a good visit with Mike, Riise, and Arianna from Lethbridge, and met a few of the locals here in … Continue reading

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Open House Today!

Open House is today!  Everything is clean and ready to go. Food is prepped, art is done, Latifa is sunbathing on the lawn.

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It’s so beautiful I could cry

Yesterday we went out for nachos and beer to celebrate our being finished our beautiful as yet untitled installation. Yay! Poor Jen, I must talk her ear off. It must be all the coffee. She’s lovely to listen to me … Continue reading

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