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Arts Days in Lethbridge

We showed our house at Blueprint Records as part of Lethbridge’s Art Days.  Here is Latifa installing the sound component of the work. It was great to see all that was going on in the community for the Art’s Days … Continue reading

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The artist at work.

I felt a bit creepy last night, filming Latifa as she worked.  Here’s the video!

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White House. Er, I mean….

So I think we’ve decided on “Ephemeral Home” as our title. Latifa says, “It’s our ephemeral home, but it’s our ephemeral home. It speaks literally and figuratively.” We used a title generator to get things rolling, as we we feeling … Continue reading

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Title Time

So I guess I was one of the people who hated the Tree of Life. I really didn’t like that movie. But we had pie in pincher creek. Now we are trying to think of title. I have randomly generated … Continue reading

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It’s so beautiful I could cry

Yesterday we went out for nachos and beer to celebrate our being finished our beautiful as yet untitled installation. Yay! Poor Jen, I must talk her ear off. It must be all the coffee. She’s lovely to listen to me … Continue reading

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Still working….

Things are starting to come together.  I’ve redone the slip cover, ironed it and put it onto the frame.  We cleaned the studio, and have some idea where to move all the furniture for the open houses. Tonight Latifa moved … Continue reading

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Working, working, working.

We’ve been working. I’ve been working on the house, making the slip cover and playing with the projection. Latifa has been working with the sound.  The photos above show how excited she was about a breakthrough she had…. by a … Continue reading

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