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Ephemeral Home (The Last Post)

This is a partial video of the work we showed for the Open House in Blairmore, and at the Blueprint Gallery in Lethbridge.  It is a house we constructed out of scrap lumber, covered with white cotton, and projected images onto. … Continue reading

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The artist at work.

I felt a bit creepy last night, filming Latifa as she worked.  Here’s the video!

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Walking, walking, walking….

This is a short clip of the video stuff I’ve been playing with….. all from walking around the town here, playing with my camera.  Absolutely love the HD video function on my T1i!

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This is interesting…. but I think we have enough to work with already.

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Stereograms and depth maps…

Hopefully this will work for the viewers….

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Visitors/ Lundbreck Falls/ Working in the Studio

So yesterday my mother stopped by as she was going through town, and took us out for lunch.  Today, Latifa’s family came to visit.  We went for lunch with them, and then went to Lundbreck Falls.  I enjoyed meeting her … Continue reading

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The View From Our Front Window….

The Gushul Studio has amazing windows…. and an unusual view.

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