White House. Er, I mean….

So I think we’ve decided on “Ephemeral Home” as our title. Latifa says, “It’s our ephemeral home, but it’s our ephemeral home. It speaks literally and figuratively.”
We used a title generator to get things rolling, as we we feeling a little stuck. Latifa came up with our title, and then the title generator did! Or maybe she’s pulling my leg and the generator came up with it first.

Anyway. Tonight we took some video, and I’ll be making a DVD within the next couple of days for Alberta Arts Days: one for the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery, and one for Trap/Door in Lethbridge. We will also be posting it here after the Open House.

So I’m working on that. Not laughing waaayyy too much with Latifa, over silly, silly things. Yes, yes I am.

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Title Time

So I guess I was one of the people who hated the Tree of Life. I really didn’t like that movie.
But we had pie in pincher creek.

Now we are trying to think of title. I have randomly generated this titles via a title generator mad lib style. Jen thinks we should have vote.
What would you vote for?

Title One: mesmerizing Sounds In white rocks
Title Two: The white image
Title Three: The light In mesmerizing Sounds
Title Four: mesmerizing image
Title Five: The rotating light
Title Six: changing rocks
Title Seven: rotating Sounds
Title Eight: white changing
Title Nine: changing for rocks
Title Ten: rotating and changing

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Open House Clarification

It has come to our attention that there’s a bit of confusion about the date of our evening Open House…. the correct time and date is Thursday the 29th, of September, 7:30 t0 10PM, at the Gushul Studio in Blairmore.

At this Open House, we will be showing our final, completed work in the way it is intended to be seen.

We hope to see you there!

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A few days left….

Our Open House yesterday went really well.  We didn’t have a humungous turn out, but we didn’t expect one.  We had a good visit with Mike, Riise, and Arianna from Lethbridge, and met a few of the locals here in Blairmore.  It is a little too bad, however, that there was no workable way to show the “house” properly (in the dark) and have the Lethbridge contingent be able to come.

After the Open House, Latifa and I just hung out.  We talked a lot, and played some video games, and generally did nothing serious.  It felt to me like we’ve been so concerned about getting this thing ready that now that the Open House was done, I felt free to do whatever I wanted.  It was nice.

Latifa says doing nothing last night motivated her to work today.  She’s been working on finishing her drawing.  I’ve been working on applications, and writing letters.  We are going to go see Tree of Life in Pincher Creek tonight.

We have a few things left on our list to do before we go to Lethbridge this weekend to show our residency work for Alberta Arts Days.  Stay tuned for details on that.

Any suggestions on things we should absolutely make sure we do while we’re here?

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Open House Today!

Open House is today!  Everything is clean and ready to go. Food is prepped, art is done, Latifa is sunbathing on the lawn.

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Excuse me while I gush a while…

A personal journey...

I just wanted to say that this has been an absolutely amazing experience that I am incredibly grateful for, and feel immensely lucky to be a part of.  This place is amazing, the studio is huge and has incredible windows, and Latifa is something else.  We get along really well, and though we’ve been together almost constantly for three weeks now, I am in no way bored of her company or tired of her jokes and stories.  While she says, “I’ve learned so much from you,” I’ve definitely learned just as much from her.  We’ve had an interesting experience working together, and have come up with something I think we are both proud of, and feel fulfilled in having made.  It is a good experience in collaboration- I think we both feel like it is “ours,” not “mine” or “yours.”  We have made a good team, and I know that, I for one, feel like I have gained a friend.

I have totally lucked out.  Thank you Trap/Door for giving us the opportunity to come here and have this experience.  It has been wonderful so far, and I’ll be sad to leave next week.  We’ll make sure we get the most out of the last few days, and appreciate our time here.

If this is a little sappy, I apologize, but I think it is important to say thank you and point out what a positive experience this has been, in so many ways.

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It’s so beautiful I could cry

Yesterday we went out for nachos and beer to celebrate our being finished our beautiful as yet untitled installation. Yay!
Poor Jen, I must talk her ear off. It must be all the coffee.
She’s lovely to listen to me ranting all the time. Or at least she does a very good job of giving the impression of listening.
And she laughs all the time, it’s wonderful. It puts you in a good mood.
We also saw a young buck last night, no I don’t mean a randy young local, but a real live deer eating bushes in the museum outdoor display.
Anyhow here are some pictures of Jen doing her sewing stuff.

Jen sewing

Jen Sewing 3

I'm creeping Jen in her window. If only she knew about the live feed in her shower . . .

Jen in her favorite spot. I think her shadow is permanently imprinted in the pleather.

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